Natural Treasures: History in the Making

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This unprecedented exhibition and sale showcases the creations of internationally acclaimed wood artists exhibiting their interpretations of America's history through contemporary designs formed from our most treasured trees.

Each artist is provided with wood whose roots are steeped in American history, and asked to create a distinctive form which highlights their unique style as well as the historic site from which the wood was reclaimed.

National Treasures will celebrate the historic events that framed our nation, changed our way of life and continue to inspire our world today.

National Treasures featured in Woodwork Magazine

Presented by William E. Jewell of Historical Woods of America, with co-curator and wood sculptor Jacques Vesery, the exhibit made its National debut March 18-21, 2010 at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City.

About the Exhibit

William Jewell and Jacques Vesery have brought together a select group of the world's most talented and respected wood artists at work today for a series of exhibits. The artists selected by William and Jacques have used wood reclaimed by HWA from some of America's most historic witness trees and historic sites in the nation.

The trees and timbers used in the creation of this body of work are reclaimed, or rescued,  for various reasons such as storm damage, safety concerns, disease, or simply very old trees that have come to the end of their natural life.

HWA has reclaimed trees that were planted by some of our nation's first presidents; trees from the grounds of several presidential estates, Civil War witness trees and others. The artists have been supplied with wood that they chose from a list of species with these historic connections. Design and creation of the artwork was left to the artist’s imagination.

An expert in the field of historic tree reclamation and creative repurposing, as well as a professional woodworker, Jewell’s success in the creation of a business and brand like no other has lead him to venture out on a grand scale with the historic “Witness Trees” and timbers that he has reclaimed over the last several years. These trees and timbers have a direct and extremely important connection to our cultural past. By preserving history through the creation of museum-quality works of art, this connection will be carried on for many generations to come.

Jacques Vesery
Trent Bosch
Robyn Horn
Jack Slentz
Mark Lindquist
Joey Richardson
Janel Jacobson
Giles Gilson
Po Shun Leong
David Nittman
J. Paul Fennel
Michael Bauermeister
Norm Sartorius
Lathe Turned Art:
Binh Pho
Bonnie Klein
David Ellsworth
Graeme Priddle


Tom Hucker
Silas Kopf
Michael Cullen
Jere Osgood
Wendy Maruyama
Garry Knox Bennett
Brian Newell
William E. Jewell
Judy Kensley Mckie
Alfred Sharp
Michael Puryear
David Lamb
Joe Tracy
Duncan Gowdy
Philip Weber

David Broadwell