HWA founder William Jewell commissioned to make gift for President Bush, President Clinton, Virginia Gov. McAuliffe, Political Commentator William O’Reilly, and former U.S. Senator John Warner

Gift for President Bush - George Washington Horse Chestnut Pen & Box

A beautiful handcrafted fountain pen and box, made from a tree that George Washington planted, is now in the hands of President George W. Bush. William Jewell was asked to create a special gift for the President by the Rotary Club of Stafford, Virginia, who sponsored his visit to Fredericksburg for a speech on the economy.

"When I found out that the special guest was President George W. Bush, immediately I knew what the gift should be. I thought, What would be more fitting than a beautiful fountain pen and box set for the President's desk?"

The wood used to create these items comes from America's Historic Horse Chestnut Tree, which was reclaimed by Historical Woods of America from Fauquier Street in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is the last of the 13 Horse Chestnut trees known to have been planted by George Washington to represent each of the 13 colonies, and to provide shade for his mother and sister as they walked to and from each other's houses. The pen was presented in a box handmade by Tim Eggers, a craftsman for Historical Woods, and engraved by John Bufalari of American Wood and Stone, Inc.

When presented with the gift, President Bush said "Thanks for the gift that was planted by the first G.W."  The local newspaper, The Freelance Star interviewed Mr. Jewell and made a videotape the making of this pen.  Historical Woods of America was honored by this opportunity to create a gift from such a national treasure for the President.

The collector's grade fountain pen was created using the black titanium/rhodium Emperor style components supplied by Craft Supplies USA.

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William Jewell makes gift for President Bush from the Horse Chestnut Tree.  View a video of the making of this pen.